Please E-mail us at info@easyequine.co with your product or service issue in detail. We will respond to your email within 48 hours and provide you with more information to complete the return. 


  • Check your rug carefully to satisfy yourself with the quality. If there happens to be a defect or if you are not happy with the quality, please contact us for a refund or exchange.
  • If you happen to receive a wrong item from our logistics team, simply email us and we will arrange the correct item for shipment, free of postage charge.


1. Easy Equine does not provide returns or exchanges for wrongful size purchased. If you are unsure about the sizing, please contact us at info@easyequine.co

2. Easy Equine provides a full refund (less P/H) within 14 days of purchase in the circumstance, you are unhappy of the products quality. **Terms Below**
     2a. Products must be in original packaging, clean and unused.
     2b. Postage return of the product is the customers responsibility.

3. Upon using Easy Equine product's you agree, you are satisfied with the product.

4. Before purchasing Easy Equine products the customer agrees to consider the environment their horse is kept in and their temperament for suitability.


1. Easy Equine makes no guarantees on the duration of our products. Horses are unpredictable animals meaning the products duration is unpredictable.

2. Easy Equine makes no guarantees that our materials will endure any environment. Harsher environments may shorten the duration of the product.
Examples: Rugs are likely to get damaged and torn from slipping, snagging, biting, fencing, rolling, ill fitting rug etc.

3. Leg Strap and Binding Colours:
Binding and leg strap colours are continually changing to match rug colours. As such, the thread colours on these areas can vary from the images shown. Please, contact us if you have concerns.